• sukrititripathi 36w

    It's okay.
    It's okay to be on your own.
    It's okay to let go off people who don't value you.
    All is okay as long as you're happy and positive.
    I know the world and people around you are being cruel and mean but honey you're a star. You are not meant to get scared of darkness. You are supposed to shine in it. You're not alone. You have yourself. And as long as you have yourself, you can do anything you want. Being among the crowd might give you gossip but it will never bring you knowledge. Be on your own. Take yourself out. Treat yourself well. Teach yourself. Pamper yourself. And love yourself just like the way you love others. You have been with people. You have fought for people. It's time that you fight for yourself. It's time that you love yourself.
    Don't be afraid .
    Don't be scared.
    You are meant to be more.
    And I am sure about it.
    Love yourself.
    Be kind
    And be you.