• sanguinesoul 5w

    The Beauty Of Holding Hands

    There’s something so profound about holding hands.

    It suits and comforts me even if we’re walking on the street among strangers.

    It feels like a promise. A promise of togetherness. Of loyalty. Of safekeeping.

    The heat between our hands makes me feel as if I am sitting near the fireplace with the hot coffee mug in my hand on a cold evening.

    When you’re driving and I am on the phone. Both lost in different worlds. But with your fingers entwined with mine, I feel as cozy as I would feel wrapped in a blanket with you.

    I don't need to be rescued or protected

    But with your firm hold around my hand

    I know I don't have to fight my battles alone

    So much expressed with nothing said

    That's the beauty of holding hands.

    -Falguni Sharma