• peehusharma 23w

    Hey, i have written something after a really really long time. It is a small piece of writing that i wrote to motivate myself to face everything i am going through. But I realised that in life, everyone is fighting one battle or another so this is for 'all the courageous souls who chose not to sit when they fall'

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    To all the courageous souls who chose not to sit when they fall

    Whatever you are battling with in life, I hope you are giving in all that you can.

    I hope that you are in the 'I will get up, I am not going to give up too soon' mode of your journey.
    There may be people of your own age who are doing a lot more better in life than you are , there may be those doing a lot worse too ; but remember they are not on the same road as you are on.
    Their choices were different than yours.
    Their decisions were different than yours.
    I hope you will always have the heart to respect those who are above you , below you and around you. I hope that even when you hit the toughest rock bottom life can offer , you still have the sanity to applaud for the people going higher than you and the generosity to pick up those who are below you. But most importantly, I hope that no matter what hardships life throws at you , you have the courage to take in all without losing your spine and give it all that you have.
    No matter how bad the fall is, REMEMBER to pick yourself back up , brush off the dust of your broken wings and TAKE A LEAP - TIRELESSLY ! FEARLESSLY !