• serenizedshades 6w


    I was created to be unexcelled.
    And I was unparalleled
    until your father was created.

    My hate towards each of your kinds is no different than my hatred towards your father.
    And I will have this hatred forever.
    Soul, I know your war's over
    As you have been buried under.
    But I am still alive.
    And as long as you humans breathe
    I will do my chore.
    I will take you all to hell with me.
    I want to see the likes of you screaming and shouting with the torture.
    I want you all to burn with me in the fire.

    I didn't prostate when ordered by the divine.
    My disbelief was my disobedience.
    And even though I can't force,
    I will keep calling at a slow pace.
    Even during the death rattle.
    I will keep manipulating to rise
    the demon inside.
    I won't let anyone submit to the divine.
    I will make you humans take partners.
    If I fail, I will make you do major sins.
    If I still fail, I will make you do the minor ones.
    And if you're steadfast, I will occupy your day with permissible acts.
    I will keep you busy with the worldly affairs.
    I will enter your hearts through your weakness.
    I will fill your souls with fear and sadness.
    I'll do whatever it takes to be victorious.

    You are too foolish to realize
    That you are in a war zone with me.
    And to defeat you, I'll convince you to ignore me.
    I will make you feel like I am weak and fragile.
    I will make you feel like you have time.

    And then, I will make you fear the oppressor.
    I will make sure you fear
    All except God.
    I will stop you from moving forward.
    I will make you run from one passion to another.
    I will make you cheat and steal.
    And occupy your soul.
    And if fail to triumph with my constant whisper,
    I will destroy your will power.
    By manipulating you through my worshippers.
    I will make you follow my footsteps.
    I will provoke you to thoughts until your determination's gone.
    And I'll keep going on.

    You, humans, are petty.
    You are created from clay
    And I am created from the fire.
    You were never better than me.
    Yet the divine chose you, humans, over me.
    I envy you and I'll stop you from your promised fate.
    Why? Didn't you humans make me the worst?
    It's all your fault.
    And so, I will continue to hurt.
    I won't cut out.
    I will keep trying day and night.