• _localman1 9w

    The sun is raining the clouds high,birds chirping I feel so high,
    Sometimes when she walks, sometimes when she talks such glory,this story too sweet feels like a fairy,

    They said the beautiful ones are not born,all I can say is I'm blind can't see none sights gone,
    She's turkish with an amharic essence,she must have Ethiopian roots but why the sudden utopia

    She's got this slender neck,poised frame, heavenly gaze,her charm too infectious cant contain,she made elegance great,her walk so much flair,she kills me every time I breathe,
    She's fiesty like panini,a lioness cant say she grew up in Missouri, independent lass she walks on her own two feet, she's no joke get her clearly

    Last night in Vienna,under the blue Kaskazan ridge,I saw her beauty from underneath her henna

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