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    It had been two months since I visited my parents back in Hisar . A year back I used to love going back , to leave my life in Delhi and go back to Hisar and have a break. Now it was just painful and irritating weekend spent in Hisar.

    It all started when I quit my job to become a writer and failed in that.
    From one year my parents were torturing me for my decision and on how I had a really bad job now and it was all because of my childish decision. On the other hand I was like that it's there fault , they forced me to be an engineer and they never let me persui my dreams. And this used to be the story of my visit home.

    I used to wish that if I could turn the clock back 11 years when I was in 10th. I would stop the young me from opting non medical.

    I was sitting there in the bus waiting for it to be on the road and the 3 hour journey from Delhi to Hisar start it was the last 3 hours for the next 5 days where I can be in piece.

    I was tired and sleepy so as soon as the bus started I fell asleep and in my sleep I'm back in my childhood........

    1 April..... It's my birthday, I don't remember which one but I felt that I was 6 years old. Everyone around me is happy , my sister Priya playing with me , my mother cooking delicious food in the kitchen for everyone at the party and my dad wearing a clown cap trying to make me and my sis laugh and there was my whole family there and I was the reason if there happiness. It felt peaceful to me at heart.

    My dad lift me up and started to play with me but suddenly something happened everyone got angry and everyone started to stare at me and it felt that I was responsible for that anger. Then suddenly I felt my dad's anger he let go of me and I was falling , it all was going slowly and it was like falling from a someplace very high and as of there was no end of the fall.

    I woke up frightened and sweat was all over my body. I think I was talking or screening in my dream because when I woke up almost everyone was looking at me and there was a girl of my age sitting beside me and I freaked her out, luckily by that time the bus was in the highway and there were farms outside so I ignored all those looks and looked outside.

    After 10 mins or so I heard a voice. And it was from the girl sitting beside me , she said hi . I looked at her gave a smile said hi and looked back at as of those farms Outside were more important than the person sitting beside me and it was true in that time.

    But I don't think she appreciated that and said, " Excuse me , Mr Rude sorry to interrupt you and your farms but atleast show some manners. I know it's not necessary but atleast you could just have a small talk or is it too difficult. You woke up because of a bad dream and that too with a very terrified face , I thought I could help you with your mood but no it's right you should never really be nice to people." She was really pissed off and ya by the end of her short speach I was scared and tried to talk out of fear.

    "I'm sorry", I opened my mouth," I didn't want to spoil your mood , but I'm not the kind of person who would want to talk to everyone now , I used to be but that part has died and this me is a depressed one. So I try to maintain my distance from people , I don't want to be the mood spoiler." My tone was like that of a kid who was just scolded by his parents.

    "Ohh... Sorry. I shouldn't have scolded you like that it's just that at work I had a bad day , my pateint who is 1y years old is very rude to me , I'm a psychologist , my pateint is supposed to be nice to me and tell me everything they have in their heart", she said.

    "So when I behaved like that you must have thought of that boy and scolded me.", I said like Mr. I know everything.
    "Yes, sorry but you also needed some part of it", she said. "I think I needed all of it also , I think I can understand that 16 year old guy , he must be single being tagged by friends a lot for being single and also he will be in non medical." I said. " Hmmmmm not sure about the single thing but he is in non med.", She said.

    "Told you , I have been through that fase but wasn't tagged in the single memes then but now I'm an engineer , single and yes I am tagged in 20 memes a day saying that I will die being single.", I said in a proud manner which I was not proud of.

    "Okk, actually I'm not good at handling emotion a lot", she said which was a big irony because she was a psychologist and she is supposed to handle emotions

    "Wow, you are psychologist and can't handle emotions that well, your Patients must be really lucky to have you , doctor psycho", I threw in some sarcasm.

    "It is Dr. Anushka", she said . "Nice to meet you Anushka , I'm Gautam", I said and with that we started talking and that too a lot, we lost the track of time and I never noticed when Hisar came. We talked about many things exchanged numbers and she even told me to visit her clinic sometime for a session. I on the other hand didn't react well on this obviously like a typical punjabi I said I'm a Punjabi o don't need a therapist , I'm mad enough. Hearing that she told me to call, when I  think I'm  mad enough to visit and I tried to flirt a bout by saying that if j get to see those eyes again I'll surely pay a visit sometime. She adjusted her specs smiled a bit and told me not to flirt because she wouldn't fall for that and our conversation with went on.

    That day when I got of the bus I was happy and that too after a long time. My mother was there to pick me up and there was a smile on her face to see me like that. Usually when I come the first day of my visit is great the rest are a tourture but this time I had a great time. On 7th I called Anushka to check if she wanted to hangout , she said yes.

    Later that evening I took my dad's old bullet to pick her up and took her to P.L.A , great place to hangout. We chat for sometime but decided to go someplace else because of the crowd and we both didn't like that much crowd . I asked her if she would like a  beer , she did liked my idea. So we bought some beers and I took her to my old drinking spot beside the lake.
    The rest of the evening was spent doing crazy stuff like mimicking some of the people from our lives who irritated us.

    At 9 my phone rang and it was my dad asking about hs bullet and he loves the bike a lot so that meant I had to rush back home , so I quickly dropped Anushka back at her place and went to mine.

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