• nether 50w

    I see a light at the end of the road. And am sure that the light is covered in darkness.

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    Light Less

    I imagine a black noon,
    With few people on street.
    Behind my head there is a tune,
    With solitary me on the beat.

    No angel is coming my way,
    Nor am I expecting any.
    Its so dry and dark to stay,
    But reasons to stay are many.

    The dark it is, the subtle it is,
    Subtle it is, unsaturated it is,
    Unsaturated it is, calm it is,
    Calm it is, comfortable it is,
    Comfortable it is, peace it is,
    Peace it is, white it is,
    White it is, black it is,
    Black it is, dark it is.

    The darker it gets outside, the brighter my head goes inside.

    Tribal Sapien