• brianna_h 5w

    #jodielouisegrainger #bestfriend car accident took her from us.

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    Missing you today and even more tomorrow I wish I was there when you took your last breath and see what you saw did you see angels or bright lights did you see jesus nailed scared hands take hold of yours so tight? What was your first emotion happiness, excitement, or joy? Did you even shed a tear that God wiped away? Did you not want to go knowing you would leave us? Or did you with no thought take his hand or leap? I wasn't there but I would like to know. But i have a feeling it was all joy and you didn't even hesitate to go. Just know that you are missed the picture on my bookshelf of us is not enough for me and I found out I cared a lot more than I thought I ever would. For 28 short years you gave us, the world, and most importantly God the best. Now I would like to return the favor and live like you and always give my best no matter what I do....