• disha_dahiya 50w

    Do u remember the first time you held my hand, it was not just a touch
    It was a promise from your pure soul for FOREVER AND ALWAYS
    It was the cascading beats of your heart
    Which I felt through that touch
    It was the love which surfaced between us
    And bloomed

    Do you remember the first time you gave me a peck on my cheek
    I was dumbstruck and you were blushing with a sorry
    Accidental it was, but the closeness gave me a tingling sensation in my tummy

    Do you remember our talks when we were friends
    All the same words
    At exactly the same time
    We are just so similar in every means
    Even today we stand the same just more closer

    Do you remember the day we completed our first year together
    You went down on your knees and slid the solitaire
    Marking me yours forever
    That ring leaves a mark of your love on my finger

    I remember every single thing of us
    It's going to be two years
    Since I'm into your love
    But Everytime I think about
    It's just so as if I've been with you for a lifetime

    I don't feel as your girlfriend
    You've kept me as your better half
    You've loved me as your forever
    And cared as you'll leave never

    I want to tell you how much I've fallen deep for you
    But fall short of words
    I wanna tell you how badly I crave for you when you're not around
    But I fall short of words
    I wanna tell you how I foresee us as partners
    But I fall short of words

    I run out of words in your praise
    You complete me
    I abide by you more than I abide by the laws
    I inhale you
    And exhale love

    Promising to keep us alive through my words
    After we leave this heavenly earth
    Our bond will reach infinities
    Defying gravity


    Okay, this is something really personal and close to my heart
    I didn't focus on rhymes and bulky words
    I just blurted my heart out


    P.s. I know I miss many tags, and I hardly appreciate reposts through comments
    So today I take it as a n opportunity to be really grateful to all those who supported me and have seen me evolve
    Thank you so so so much everyone for the reads, likes, comments, reposts, and follows


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