• chemyy_ 10w

    Sleepless nights are rendered to as insomnia.
    To some degree, we all have it.
    Appreciate the who, the what and why, that allows you to get some shut eye time.
    Whether its inanimate or not, it is what is precious to you and your slumber.
    Let me know what you think about this one.

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    Sleeping Tonight?

    "I think I only love you because you help me sleep.
    Before you, most of my nights were times to weep.
    I have this heavy load on my heart, my past.
    And for the year I've been with you, I'm at peace at last.
    When I sleep, you always whisper. Loud enough for me to hear, yet gently, so that I don't get scared.
    Sure, you've got more qualities to your being,
    But even my family can see that I've been sleeping.
    Thank you for singing while I listen in bed.
    Your voice drowns out all the nonsense, clogging my head.
    For the patience you have when I ask you to hum. The reassurance that I, have nothing to shy from.
    I'm certain, I have you under some trance.
    Because a person like you doesn't just love me by chance.
    You are so wonderfully built, inside and out.
    Could your love for me ever be something to doubt?
    I wouldn't dare question you my darling, you help me rest.
    Apart from that, just thank you for loving this mess.
    I am grateful for the time you invest in me,
    I love you further than our eyes could see.
    Goodnight my dear, you're the love of my life. And thank you for being the reason I'm able to sleep at night. "