• jcecchetelli 5w

    I try to let go and do what’s right
    But I guess It goes back to the sleepless nights
    From 3 years old through all my teens
    Fighting to be heard and harder to be seen
    From years of never knowing when
    He was coming or going again
    Until one day he never came
    Lost the fight like many the same
    Left alone with unanswered prayers
    Searching the world to find a savior
    Not just him or her or them
    So now I push and pull again
    I hold on tight and not enough
    Searching for that kind of love
    And when it’s there I get the fear
    Of the come and go in the rear view mirror
    It goes back years and years some more
    Creating the fear of a shutting door
    Sometimes I run the other way
    Other times I beg to stay
    Working through my restless nights
    Walking through darkness in search of light