• craftscracket_neha 9w

    Last week I took my family to a picnic. My seven-years-old nephew asked if the food was ready and we could have it. Getting ready to serve the food , he interrupted me asking about a ragpicker at a distance. He wanted to know why is he collecting rags?? Where are his parents. While everybody was enjoying my aunt replied “he does it for his food, he earns a living with it” . The food was served and my nephew took his food and gave it to the ragpicker. We were startled as well as scared by his action and rushed to his aid , when my aunt stopped us . She winked at me and said “That is the best action a child so young can do and we can’t”. The gleaming eyes of the two kids touched everyone’s heart in there. The best was yet to come, which I would remember the whole life My little kid , checked his pocket took out his saved money and placed it infront of him. With a big smile he told him “Keep this money it will get you food .”
    When I returned back, the only thing that came to my mind was the words from my aunt. So truly said we the people have blindfolded ourselves with the physical appearance and caste, running after money. An innocent act of love and humanity has long been lost from our lives. We no longer live for each other. It seems as if the famous saying “ the more we share, the more we get “ is lost from our lives and Why not? We have been so busy in our life that we have time to spare. So it's high time, lets live and care for the ones less privileged. The love is in the air, lets care ,share and fall in love gain.