• cafenoir 6w


    when you were seventeen
    Jojo died and you did not cry
    You knew he wasn’t just a pet
    because you were
    one of those kids who
    Weren’t valued in school
    partly because you were quiet

    So when you got your first A
    Your teacher did not
    say it out loud. Your dirty shoes
    Spoke of her wrath and you were
    but when jojo stole those
    Same shoes to play with you
    You picked up a green marker and
    Wrote “what matters: a question”

    Next week, you took
    A school trip to zoo and
    Sitting aloof in the back,
    You identified bear and pandas
    All bright but with no one
    By your side, how would it matter.
    So as soon as you reached home
    with the green marker you wrote
    1. A friend.

    Kids in school said hundred
    Not needed words , but when
    you did try to reach for a friend,
    You had to listen things like
    how much the principal smoked
    That it burnt little holes in his shirt
    That was the day you thought
    You can’t have one

    And with a blue marker you cut it
    1. #####

    That year you did not enjoy Christmas
    at 3 am you tucked yourself
    Into bed and slept.
    Next morning you looked across
    And found no gift
    Then you looked down,
    There was nothing, just jojo
    So you put that paper in journal
    And went away.

    You were one of those kids in
    School who weren’t valued
    Partly because you were quiet
    And that is how it has been
    For you all along, but it didn’t matter
    And you never wrote an answer.

    4 years later, you gave jojo
    An A grade and said it out loud
    Placed your shoe by his side
    And cried.
    That evening, you finally
    Picked up that paper,
    took a green Marker and wrote
    1. Jojo
    And that’s what
    you’ve wrote ever since
    Because that’s all that has mattered.