• abhishekranjan 45w

    Letter to Mother!

    Save me from the dusk of isolation and grief,
    The sweven of "Oblivion",
    An advent of "Occhiolism" to me.

    Save me from the dusk of the grief,
    For all the lost places of my past,
    Drowning in the state of "Alexithymia",
    Saudade of your gigil, your touch
    Your unconditionally giving that much.

    Yes, my eyes are wet,
    Yes, you left, and words remain "Unsaid",
    But one day, I'll feel the warmth of your touch, and will hide in your love hive.
    One day when I will be "Seventy Five".

    One day, your eyes will be wet,
    One day, when I will be "Cremated".