• poeticjess66 5w

    I hate you

    I hate how you take the chaos out of my mind and replace it with something so much worse.
    I hate how you make me believe your words when your actions show everything to be a lie.
    I hate how I know I need to runaway but I can't seem to do anything but stay.
    I hate that I can't put into words to tell everyone why I can't just walk away from you.
    I hate the anxiety that runs through my brain when you look in my eyes.
    I hate how calm I feel with your arms around me and how that fades in the morning light.
    I hate how you make me feel like I want to much and how it goes away with just a touch.
    I hate to know that you'll never be mine but I always knew that nothing would change with time.
    I hate that all she has to say is I want you back and your completely gone.
    I hate that all I'll have is memories of something that lasted too long.
    The bigger problem is everything I hate about you comes from a part I adore.
    I think that makes me hate you so much more.
    I could never ask you to change these things they make you a beautiful soul.
    What do I do What am I doing what am I going to do..............