• robertwjeter 10w


    People with their voices all around me. What is true and what's a lie? Who to trust is a mysterious destiny. To find some relief I close my eyes. Save me from all of the feigned monstrosities of darkness. Fiercely, I'm determined not to lose my way. Bulldozing through an era of an awesome spiritual sparkness. I can't be in the shadows without the suns rays.

    A salvation I already hold. I don't need an evangelist to knock on my door. No one should brainwash you to be bold. Not when we already have everything that's inside our souls, and so much more. I'll be the chief and the captain of the victorious plans and actions displayed. Don't you realize that the power of the spoken word is real? So, when you speak like you failed, my friend, your life was sliced by your own blade. Never be pain because the pain is surreal.