• artecstatic 5w


    She sings every night,
    with a pensive mind.
    The Gentlemen's club is crowdy tonight, her special number gives an overexcite.
    She wears her lips luscious,
    and the dress skin tight.
    High heels with fish net thighs,
    she knew their lust to womanize.
    Diamonds from her men,
    and she's sparkling like a gem.
    Now the lights are On,
    bonnie sings her song.
    The aura of opulence all around,
    dollars on her feet, her pride so crowned.
    Shoots'em down with her bambi eyes,
    she's a lady banshee in disguise.
    And now comes the end of her sorcery,
    she's hid behind the enormous velvety drapery.
    Filling her lungs with freshness of dollars,
    Bonnie looks at the mirror, embraces her choker.
    She lit the cigar, pours her champagne,
    powdery nose, dust of cocaine.
    Tears ruining her mascara, smudgy lips,
    silent whining and then she trips.