• word_inhaler 10w

    They ask me why don't I trust them?
    I start wondering.
    If I am my past and you are my future,
    would you hustle in the present for me?
    If I am cigarette and you are the money?
    Would you stop me from running from the chaos or be spent on the fun?
    If I am the confusion and you are the reality? Will you still accept me with curious eyes?
    If I am just some another day and you are the Birthday,
    will you still celebrate me?
    If I am a cold drink and you are the bubbles on it,
    Will you be okay to get out so that people choose me?
    If I am a toxic plant and you are the oxygen I need?
    Will you still be with me, unbiased and flowing, for me?
    If I am a mess, and "you are just you"
    Will you choose me?
    Over and over again?