• samtence 22w

    Iris of Irish

    The tale is not so old,

    Just a few months back

    they were 168 hours of a week

    when i was on a solo venture

    to the great mystic lands of himachal

    With full excited voices in my head

    I was searching peace in mountains

    It was my first time,

    Earphones with trance

    I was searching peace in monasteries

    I know...it was my first time,

    So with a sip from wine miniatures

    I was searching peace in falls

    But... One white evening

    With snow upside down

    On some 2800 meters above sea level

    I gazed at a sculpture from my tent

    thought snow blocking my vision

    I managed to see someone in blue coming towards me

    As if a star from the cosmos

    Next morning ... First thing that i struggled was not for peace

    But that blue figure

    After the whole day of some infatuated research

    I got to know that..that

    That blue star was a 25 year old girl

    That blue star was Irish

    That blue star had a name in her cosmos 'Ireland'

    She was called 'Alannah'

    Such a beautiful name it was

    Although i didn't knew what it meant

    I already started feeling something for Alannah

    My instincts never so strong before

    Trek was completed for the day

    it was around 4 in the evening

    Not peace ...but spending 2 hrs on Google and gradually decreasing connectivity

    I learnt that Alannah means the most beautiful girl in the world

    And, Dia dhuit means 'hello' in irish language

    So with these two weapons i went on to approach her at the time of bon fire

    She was sitting alone on a rock

    Gazing at the volcano of galaxies framing out of mountains

    But that night ..i saw that beautiful sculpture

    Her eyes were like a deep Galaxy

    So intimate... that just eye contact was enough to communicate

    Her hazel colored iris had some healing powers may be...

    Our moment was going good until i pronounced Dia dhuit

    Those galaxies went blinking

    and the curves of her smile was another exquisite thing

    From the next morning...the third day...the trek was exciting

    Forget peace...i used to search for Alannah in every moment

    She shared her life experiences with me

    And i was experiencing the moment without trance

    That night we shared the tent

    I was nervously curious

    With mixed emotions

    I had not expected such a big leap on this graph

    After a moment

    There was a trail of kisses and cuddles happening amorously

    With the war of thoughts in mind..but pure love in heart

    Even her goosebumps made me fall for her

    With each kiss my obsession developed for that pure soul

    Again...there was Sunshine...again there was morning and

    It was our fourth day

    Today we're not together

    there was some awkwardness

    We're physical running apart but getting more attached with the strings of each other

    And then the fifth day

    And then her eyes..

    Hazel colored iris were so deep

    As if they wanted to say something

    As is they were calling out my name

    So much feelings around

    I had hardly enjoyed the nature that day

    In the night i was alone in the tent

    thinking about that blue star

    which had burnt me throughout

    On the last second day ...i stepped out of my tent

    My star was missing

    My infatuated research results showed that she had left early morning for return journey

    My research was harming me

    So worried...so tensed

    I was better at my workplace than this detailed nuances of "don't-know-what" relationship

    But why was i so worried...

    I was on a solo trip

    Why thought of someone else was bothering me

    And with worries.. Confusions.. Tensions the day ended

    And as a warrior i made up my mind to return back im search of her to get some answers

    The very next... The seventh day

    Early morning i started off

    Leaving the most beautiful scenic behind

    I went on in the search of Alannah- the most beautiful girl in the world

    With many calculations...fears... Expectations i ran

    Ran in search of her

    It was around 6 in the evening

    I had no idea where i was

    Snow-capped mountains all around

    I thought i lost my way

    But...then i saw that rock

    And on that rock was my blue star

    Must be gazing at the volcano of galaxies framing out of mountains

    That was a relief for me

    And in that moment i realised

    That it was not love

    It was finally peace for me...

    But i left that star behind

    Because in search of her...i finally got the serenity i was searching for

    And in that moment i realised

    That it was not love

    It was finally peace for me.....