• _raindrops 9w

    Angry sparks.

    You show me affection when I need it,
    Love when I want it,
    Comfort when I crave for it
    And care when I yearn for it badly.
    But behind close doors,
    Monster defines your true self
    I'm forced to keep shut when you shower me with whips and blows
    And yank my hair when I look at your comrade
    My tears are your source of entertainment and my cries are like your lullabies
    Seems as if I'm immune to your torture.
    Though I miss,
    Your kindness is all I wish for
    But it's too late
    Death finally snatched you in order to give me an everlasting peace. Wiping away my tears,I get up and drop your promise ring into the fireplace.
    Emitting angry sparks.