• vishalkavya18 10w

    He who has the biscuit gets to tell the story.....

    I woke up this morning
    And heard this warning
    From the sugar to the milk
    My tea bags were almost killed.

    It was exactly like a communal riot
    Except for the fact that everyone was right
    They were not trying to prove that they are supreme
    They were trying to prove that they were integral for the tea

    The milk said with patience
    "If tea is a flower I am more than the essence".

    The sugar said roughly
    "Dont try and be bluffy
    You are exactly like this poem
    Full of cliche rhymes with no logic in them".

    The biscuits interrupted
    "At least let the poet be uninterrupted
    You sweet little sugar dont act like a man
    Don't oppress milk as if she is a woman".

    The biscuit somehow sealed the deal
    And so nice of him he made the tea for me
    But while dipping the tea bag it fell into the tea.
    I took the biscuit and held it in my hand
    And he thought that now he will be in a trash can.

    But only I knew the wet biscuit enhanced my glory
    Because he who has the biscuit gets to tell the story.
    ©Vishal Parashar