• satyamdharia 30w

    It is the path I choose,
    The way I will follow,
    There’s nothing to lose,
    Begins the journey I only know.

    No one said it would be tricky,
    No one promised it would be easy,
    Is it some kind of misery?
    Or rather, an opportunity?

    Sometimes I feel cross,
    As though I’ve been at loss,
    My hopes all twist and toss.
    At times I sit and cry,
    Sometimes I will sigh,
    Regret but still I try.

    There comes a phase,
    Feel lost gone without a trace,
    Confused trap in a maze,
    Should I wait or give it a chase?

    Life hits me harsh,
    Sometimes it hurts too much,
    I feel like I’m in a rush,
    I need my sense of touch.

    My heart is on the ground,
    Like a fool pushed around,
    Help me I want to be found,
    Listening to a hope of sound.

    Give me a clue,
    Tell me something true,
    If only I knew,
    The things I’ve been through.

    The ugly truth I try to hide,
    I was hurt but let it slide,
    I failed but at least I tried
    Staring from the other side,
    Till it became whispers and subsides.

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