• totsie28 34w

    Anything for You

    You've found love for years,
    A blessing sought by most,
    And its glory appears here to stay.
    But life tends to not go so smoothly.
    A death sentence is issued,
    Yet faith drives your will
    In an effort to find a pardon
    For the sentence.
    Still your love grows,
    As death's hold tightens,
    And faith finds another abode,
    Despite desperate pleas for her to stay.
    Health dwindles despite the fight,
    And the love and care
    Inherent to this solid relationship,
    Require so much more,
    Testing the limits of your loyalty.
    A gap of time (age) separates you and your love,
    14 years to be exact,
    And at 37,
    Life's "peak" of opportunity and exhilaration,
    You are called upon to assist,
    And ease the pain and the growing limitations.
    It is as though, you are a passenger on the journey,
    Sharing the suffering
    As Death takes hold.
    Those who have a view
    From outside your harsh reality
    Insist that you focus
    On the life you have yet had the pleasure to live,
    Believing that the path being followed
    Simply sacrifices another life,
    Open to Death's power to drain.
    And perhaps it is truth they speak,
    For sacrifice has filled the void
    Faith left vacant upon her departure.
    But I ask of those who believe they know,
    "Is there truly a life to be lived,
    When the soul acknowledges,
    A willing, conscious abandonment,
    Of a soul in need...
    A soul who showed you purely,
    The true meaning of love...
    A gift many may never know?"
    Doubt is not even slightly present in my mind,
    For I know,
    This is the life I am supposed to live.