• shinchan_says 6w

    Dilemma in cerebrum noodles,
    Reflected in confused doodles,
    Words ringing in ears,
    The pain soul bears,
    Anger turning to tears,
    Sleepless nights anxiety peaks,
    Craving for peace lonliness she seeks,
    Books now she can't comprehend,
    Denying food everytime mom send,
    Mental health is not a serious issue they say,
    She will be good soon just wait,
    Her face turned pale, eyes bulging
    Thinning body , knotted hair and heart grudging
    Bad phase arrived ,
    She saw herself in disguise,
    Hurting herself gave her pleasure,
    Her agony no one can measure,
    When an unexpected scream and breaking things crossed limits,
    Now they got she need to be treated,
    When the so called anger turned depression,
    They took her for therapy session,
    Lot of care and love, lot of understanding worked,
    Slow and slow again her abilities she developed,
    She wasn't lost just hidden,
    But care helped , she didn't run,
    Peaks deduced, more calm
    Medical help and family love prevented harm,
    Sterotypes deafeated,
    Again herself she created.
    "Mental fights are not less than physical fights,
    Don't hide inside, it bites ,
    It eats you slow,
    Makes you feel low"
    Tell what's in your mind,
    Some solution we will find,
    Sucide isn't a solution,
    We will talk and get into a conclusion,
    All are humans make mistakes,
    It will heal just time it takes, "she writes.