• onlygrace 9w

    The palace

    The bricks embrace
    To the mirror edge
    The King's breath in each and all
    Put together
    And running to the centre of love

    From the sea two diamonds
    Chosen above the waves
    Built upon the rock foundation
    To stand the storm and night

    Words guard the treasure
    The noble earth has spoken
    Every peace of land through oven
    The building brick strong and tested

    Let me know only how is He
    The King, the Lover, the Sheep
    Bring the sky into the music
    The hearts must break to dance again

    Please don't bring now the chains
    I prepare the jail for my own demon
    A city surrender at your feet
    I step down from my throne

    I cast myself a vote
    It's written down from father-son
    The missing link the fire breath
    The tongs of peace on mouths of guns