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    She asked me once,
    a long time ago,
    to write her a song.
    And I wasn't sure I would make it.
    Words are my toys,
    they come to me out of nowhere,
    but there are some things in us
    that cannot be translated into words
    Maybe i wanted to find a special one for her,
    and time passed...

    "What about my song?"
    Ten years later she asked me again.
    As she cuddled, clinging to me,
    on a meadow from which the whole universe
    could be seen, when it was a clear night,
    like that night.
    And I really didn't know
    if I was going to make it.
    the words I know, the letters, the signs,
    were blurring in my head, wanting to inspire her. Wanting to leave a mark on her, on her body.
    As I counted the birthmarks on her bare back,
    there, on the meadow
    from which the whole universe could be seen,
    that I could only look at the sky instead of at her.

    And time has taken us far...

    I'm not sure I could calculate
    how many starry nights have passed
    since she begged me to write a song for her,
    there, a long time ago,
    while I was counting the birthmarks
    on her bare back.
    Even today I can clearly see that picture,
    of her birthmarks, on the meadow,
    under the whole universe,
    as if I were there again,
    only this time I looked at the sky,
    and saw the arrangement of stars identical
    to the arrangement of the birthmarks on her body. And my fingers like shooting stars
    fly over her bare back,
    here's your song,
    you little fool...

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