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    Heaven or Hell CH 3

    The last thing I expected was to fall into a naked boy from the other side of my reflection. I knocked him straight over on his back and I landed on top of him. I felt my cheeks get hot and quickly got off of him, but then I had to cover my eyes because I forgot he was still naked. The boy got up tied a towel around his waist and laughed at me a little. "Why are you laughing?" I ask him but he just stares at my hands blankly. "You're deaf?" He says. I almost jump out of my skin at the sound of this, I couldn't tell what he was saying because I've never heard people talk before. I gesture with my hands for a piece of paper and pen. He leaves the room and I wait, the image of his face imprinted in my mind, we looked almost exactly the same except his hair was blonde and he had blue eyes.

    As I walked out of the bathroom my mind was full of questions. I was still not sure whether I was dreaming or not, maybe I had fallen asleep in the shower. At this thought I closed my eyes shut and opened them blinking a few times, I didnt wake up though. When I got to my room I chucked on some clothes and grabbed a paper and pen. I returned to the bathroom and the guy jumped he was really on edge, I mean I guess I would be too in that situation.

    I gave him the pen and paper and he started writing. I stood staring at him, I still couldn't believe that this was happening, there is no way a boy just came out of my mirror. After he finished he gave it back to me. "My name is Evan" it said. How did this guy know how to write but not speak? I furrowed my brow at the thought. He looked at me concerned, maybe he thought I couldn't read it. I shook my head in reassurance and wrote a reply, "my name is Nave". I show him but dont give the paper back yet.