• madhuleena 41w

    The Unique commoner.

    I met a person who seemed to be snobby as hell,
    Little did I know he had locked himself inside a cell.
    It started off with strangers to awkward smiles to working together,
    Calling him from bhaiya to Abhi to babu altogether.
    The day we bid him farewell from the club,
    I cried, not knowing that one day it will be changing to silent blub.
    He went off to Delhi , away from me,
    Only to come back and never leave me.

    Things changed,
    Short span calls changed to countless late night calls,
    Everyday video calls changed to alternate day heart calls,
    From walking we shifted to running ,
    And without knowing, we were flying.

    He made me feel something unimaginably beautiful, full of purity,
    But the ghosts of past and demons of future filled me with insecurity.

    The person,
    His eyes - so tiny, so small
    His hair - one for which he is too consious
    His smile - one for which I could do anything
    His sorrow - one I would never want to see
    Oh! I could go on and on.

    He is one of the purest soul I had the privilege to meet,
    And The way he loves himself could make anyone's heart beat.

    On this Unique day, on this moment of jollyness,
    All I wish for him is world's happiness.

    A man of this pure soul deserves a life whole of joy.

    May you get that bike you wish for, that Hrithik's body u want,
    May you get all that you desire and deserve.