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    Words credit : myself (Vishnu)
    Image credit : To the rightful owner

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    He is a boy
    who has the thirst for good reputation.
    He lost all his teenage blisses for that,
    Because good reputation is
    what made his heart blissful.
    The one who always love to see curve on others face,
    He tried his best to do that .
    But nobody cares about the curve on his face ,
    Because he doesn't want to .
    His heart is so delicate,
    like touch me not plant.
    Maybe because he is a Pisces
    He pretend to be narcissist
    But he is socializer
    With million dreams which is
    Beyond imagination
    One who is so obsessed with mysteries
    And Cosmos , his nightmare are meaningless
    And made him feel unique



    Miss Carolyn @carolyns_challenges I tried to give a positive... Piece (about me)

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    A Boy With million dreams which is
    Beyond imagination