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    I live in a family where good girls never say no to their parents. what if they like skirts?
    What society thinks about them is more important. can't you sacrifice your choices?
    • My mother isn't my best friend
    Nor my father is very supportive of all my decisions.
    According to them a girl should life a life according to society goes not the way she wants it.
    They only thing they think i should know is care taking of home.
    They never expected that I will get more then 70% in my life. Why?
    Just because I use mobile after 12 at night.(no matter what I am doing)
    I should not speak louder
    I should not listen to high volume music
    I should not dance
    I should not sing loudly
    I should not wear what I like
    I should not go wherever I want
    I should not even breathe without their permission
    I should not have a male best friend
    I should not have friends first!
    I should not attend all the calls
    I should not use mobile sitting alone in a room
    I should not argue with elders(no matter who is right)
    I shouldn't smile on strangers
    I should stop living
    I should only survive
    Because society wants it this way otherwise I will not be a good girl anymore.
    I live in a society where:-
    • Character assassination is a bad thing only until their own daughter is being judged. Otherwise it's a hobby which everyone must develop.
    • whose daughter is good in market can be decided by anybody according to the clothes she wear, the way she walks, the way she looks and boys should talk good about her.
    No matter what she is being through in her life.
    • A girl having dark complexion is ugly and nobody agrees to marry them, when to hide her scars (that this society makes her to hate them) she wears makeup, she is a makeup shop and good girls looks nicer in simple looks. She is made to hate her scars every time she looks in the mirror.
    • a girl has no right to reject a boy, and a boy has right to slap them, say her good words and tell people around, destroy her reputation that she has made in her whole life and remember a girl should not answer him back! (What people will say then)
    • having a blood stain on her skirt is bad
    (Maybe not having periods is the solution)
    Believe me not having babies is even worse for them.

    Society don't accept the way we are and tells us no single ways how we should actually live then.

    A girl cannot marry of her choice.
    A girl cannot have a boyfriend but for boys the number of girls he has is directly proportional to his good reputation.
    A girl should not deny dependence
    A girl should not accept freedom
    A girl should not live her life the way she want to.

    A girl should only survive
    A girl should not live.

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