• raulluar 50w

    Life cycle of a dog

    He sits and waits.
    He sits and thinks.
    He sits and looks.
    He sits and barks.
    He sits and stares.
    Sits and sits and sits.
    Looking out the window, he sees almost nothing.
    He barks, he cries.
    He licks and rolls in the dirt.
    Roof Roof! You say shut up.
    You ignore him.
    He's hurt.
    You ignore him.
    You watch TV, you bore him.
    Ten years has passed and nothing has changed.
    He sits and dreams.
    You dont come home.
    He waits. He looks. He barks. He stares. He thinks.
    Sits and sits and sits.
    Your'e hurt.
    He's there.