• talesofniharika 26w

    To the boys I've loved once,

    Even after heartbreaks,
    My love for you was never fake.
    Even after getting ditched,
    For you, again I got my heart stitched.
    The same level of love, I guess even more,
    Even after getting dumped,again for you a fresh smile I wore.
    With the ink of love, I wrote poetry,
    It had you and that was it's beauty.
    You assured you'll mend all the broken parts,
    Because it has fallen in love with your heart.
    You took care of it like it's something precious and rare,
    And with no one, you'd like to share.
    At one place it all went wrong,
    Asking you not to break my heart cos it was no longer strong.
    You broke my heart,
    And the pieces of it fell apart.
    I feel bad for what you all did, I still cry my heart out,
    But I still care for you all and there's no second doubt.

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    To all the boys I've loved once

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