• beautywithinyou 5w


    Sis thanks for always caring me it really means a lot. I'm so happy if someone is really happy coz of me. And I'm never gonna leave u when ever u r alone I'm gonna be there❤️with lots of love and hugs. You met on mirakee but still not less then my own sis when it comes to caring. I'm really blessed.

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    I met an angel few months ago
    Who's heart seems so sweet and warm enough to glow.

    I never thought that someone could ever care so much and never let go.
    She is so pure like snow.

    Always willing to make everyone smile whom she knows.
    I'm so blessed to have a sister like her that made my feelings start to overflow.

    I will never let her feel alone or low.
    My sis u r my commando.
    And I'm your shadow.
    Never let you feel below.

    Always there to catch u when u fall and cry Alone.
    It's not just for today or tomorrow.

    But my love for you is forever as long as my heart doesn't stop to flow.

    I'm sorry for those days where I couldn't be there for u though.
    And u really mean so much to me as we together make a perfect duo.

    Sis we have lot Many years to go
    And I promise we always stay together until we grow.

    And I will never let u go.