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    Door to door.

    The peak summer Sun made a roar.
    Then saw a woman unfazed go door to door,
    selling bangles of great decor...
    Sun nudged Sky,"Mate see that lady,the one there,look,your colour she wore"
    Sky fixated its crystal gaze,those of centaur
    and turned to Sun,"Her we must adore..."
    Sun frustrated,let out another roar !!!
    Sky said,"You wouldn't if you read her story sore"
    Sun said,"Naah I would rather ignore...
    Ok...don't be mad now,Sky,have me bore."
    Sky began,"The lady started going door to door,
    selling bangles of decor,
    when her man fell prey to a malignant spore,
    and life started demanding all the more.
    Some offered help but with lustful gore,
    which she always did deplore
    and hence started this tale so sore,
    the battle of life with none to reassure..."
    Sun looked stunned to the core...
    Sky looked bright,"Mate,por favor..."
    Sun ordered,"I bring down my uproar,
    mate you shall cause a slight drizzle pour.
    We will try our ways to heal her wounds sore,
    Let she in the pleasant weather go door to door..."

    Now some might think,whats all this for ??
    "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it",
    I just happen to read Coelho more....


    Painting by Lyla Nowras.

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    door to door.

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