• qurretulain 45w

    You are my proud

    I stood there, watching you from a distance. I saw your struggles and I saw the way u tried to keep fighting. Surviving. And I know there's no way on earth that I could reach out to you and tell you , how good you are doing . I'm so proud of you . You found the courage within to let it all go and find yourself . I sometimes just wish,I could have been there with you , to help you in your journey and hold your arms high when you felt like giving up . Just like you were with me in the beginning of my journey. Although i am not there with you physically . Although you do not see me everyday . But I am there with you . My spirit has been by your side from the moment we crossed paths. Every single night, I m right there by you . Every single moment you shed a tear , I m there. Because it was my promise to you . I shall continue to watch over you . Proudly knowing that you have come a long way .