• misspetite 32w

    Darling i miss you
    Ive always been missing you
    Ive always been dreading for your presence
    But the last time i hugged you, you stabbed me hard
    I hate you for hurting me
    I hate me for hurting you
    May i know if you want us back?

    Ah, yeah, i know it is not easy
    I think i wounded you little by little
    It seems to me you really afraid that i would make you messed up again
    I remember, darling, your look after i killed you
    But i hope you know just how much tears ive spent when you hit me hard
    Even though i know you dont know

    Yes, i am dying when im with you
    But i dont really care now
    When i smell your breath and spend the dark light with you
    When the clock ticks only between us
    I never feel so alive
    I just want to live in that moment forever
    When nothing else fucking our realest
    When it really only us that matter
    No malarkey of life neither their bullshit or thoughts we never ask
    Am i the only one?

    Baby im so in love with you
    The last weeks without you, i can live
    When your existance slowly fading, i can live
    When i missed you so much till i cry, i can live
    But then there you are again
    I can live but your soul is the brightest light on my day
    I can live but your bizarre life is my adrenaline
    Maybe im enchanted by your thrill
    Maybe you are living the impossible i never want to live

    And again, darling, im not the perfect picture you want