• saknim24 10w

    About a woman who stands strong under any circumstances although she experiences chaos within....

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    Aching to be heard and be accepted as they are
    The cacophony of tired thoughts within her often scuffled
    Striving steadily to leave the door of her mind ajar,
    Yet, she would stay calm until these voices muffled.

    The outburst of emotions caged since long
    Would gush out with all its might
    Plunging the tag of being happy and strong,
    Eventually leaving her lonely on gloomy nights.

    Exasperated with the ongoing debate inside her
    She would yearn for a peaceful caprice
    Revolting against her own demons,
    She would sleep with the promise to rise.

    Nevertheless, for her, the sun shines brighter the next day
    The inharmonious thoughts would soften and retreat
    She would march with pride and hear people say,
    Look there she goes, a woman of substance, whole and complete....