• the_broken_sapphire 6w

    As someone said earlier, born with over grown body, entitled with imperfections we called it 'She' were the other named 'He' with the perfect body.
    Women are somehow more biological, more, corporeal and more natural than me.
    With in all imperfections she managed to deal with all the traumas.
    The curves she have,
    The warmth of her blood, the edges of her feminity, the smoothness of her skin are all meant for the other 'He' to fit into.
    Again She is moulded as remaining with those imperfections.
    The infection points on her makes the beauty of her female face to glow more.
    'She' will differ when Estrogen get change.
    The rounded breasts with cute black heart nipple also speaks womanhood.
    The time she carry another life, she again fits her self into some other role with the same imperfections.
    Some love her to be a virgin flower, but some not.
    But again her body also betrayed her gifting that fatty buttocks.
    Yes i am a women with all those over grown body, with strong bones and words.

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    Yes i am a women