• herpuresoul 10w

    She is a very kind soul. Being raised by a narcissist father, she learned to be extremely kind and not to hurt others. She would let people walk all over her just so that she wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. She was silent. She didn't speak much just so that her words don't hurt others. She has always given so much of herself, so much of love and kindness but many a times didn't receive it back. She pondered upon the saying that says 'What you give, you get it back' and then she thought how in her situation it was not like that. Only kind hearted people would give her love and kindness and not everyone had a heart like hers. She one day realised that it was all because of the trauma that she's been through in childhood because of Narcissistic abuse. She began searching for articles, books which talk on healing. And there she is now, healing and growing. She wants to grow into a beautiful human being. She was so beautiful even when she was under the effect of trauma but now that she's slowly healing herself, she needs to realize that no matter what she mustn't loose her beautiful self, her kind self which loves to spread kindness and love around her. She must know that even when she heals and becomes the smart, intelligent and confident woman, she must always hold onto her womanly nature for that is her true self and she mustn't let it go anywhere.