• khusi_the_happiness 35w

    I asked

    I asked him
    Wat is the age of
    our relationship.

    He answered me
    It is uncalculated
    Entangled from decades

    I asked him
    If it's so old
    Why it's not yet
    Precious like gold

    He answered me
    It is not just gold
    It is even more
    A bond tightly hold

    I asked him
    Why we are
    Stil not bonded
    In the energy bar

    He answered
    Its not just energy bar
    It is big ball
    We emitted
    Through out
    Our journey we recall

    I asked him
    If we are so known
    Why are we not
    Able to regain
    Memories of being known

    He answered
    There is nothing to be regained
    Everything is already gained
    And it's just now
    To retain

    And so
    conversation continued
    I kept asking him
    Why are we bonded
    He kept answering
    How we are bonded
    Questions unanswered
    Still understood
    At our own levels

    Love is not what
    We already acquired
    Its what we everyday require
    To keep it fresh and on fire
    An assurance...With lots of commitment
    Not just routine silent presence
    To fill the gaps of present

    17 april 2018
    11.10 pm