• hs_writing 5w

    A Pure Love

    A pure love, full of trust, honesty, caring for each other.
    You see him and your blood is flows faster
    trough your vain, and you feel the heat inside
    of you and butterflies in your stomach.

    That you are walking together, hand in hand,
    and you where proud you walking next to him.
    You and him, always talking, sometimes for
    hours, and times that you sit with each other,
    in the nature, yes enjoying the silence all around
    you, it always feels good, being together.

    When you looked at him, you where drowning in
    his eyes. There is some kind of energy, electricity
    between us, so strong it feels. I now it from the
    start, when i saw you, you belong to me.
    It felt so good, this love will stay. I have no doubt
    about that, i now it when i look at you.

    You and me, how difficult the times will be,
    our love stays, two hearts so connected,
    like an eternal flame it shall be, the love
    between us is so strong, it will always stay.
    I am sure of it, it's going to be that way.

    - Harsh

    Instagram- @miracle_0604