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    I seriously have never addicted a group of musicians until I was 14. It is just always a solo person.
    But, I had to choose or to be exact I listened to them at first and not because their beautiful or cute that I like them. It's all because they made me laugh hard....at any time (trust me anytime).

    I wasn't an ARMY with them for all these 7 years..I just knew them this year and now like all the other armies, I know them (can say well)

    AHL..In the soop,RUN bts......it all made me so happy that I couldn't stop watching and made myself happy.
    I hated myself too u know? But once I heard the speech in UNICEF ...I just got so motivated to love myself.
    (That's the only speech I admire the most in my life...coz i am not a good speech listener..idlt)

    I am still not so crazy about them...but I got so angry when some said that they are useless.. well for them...here it is. For those bitches this is it. I am just gonna elaborate things abt them. So read this ��

    RM - Ma friend said I mostly speak abt him the most. Maybe that's true. But I like all of em equal.
    Maybe it's because I have a bit affectionate about this one because he faced a lot of you know facial criticism (it's TRUE...they say he is not fair....well if you wanna know abt the real colour as you see only color and not the talent....go see the bts In the soop to know abt how is skin is.. don't make me curse.)
    He is good in rapping, started writing in his 13 yrs. His IQ is 148 as you know. He is good (means perfect) in dance if you say he's not...��. He is very well in speeches and a good leader to the group. And you still say he's talentless and leave the group? He said to use him ��..AND HE IS RAP MONSTER NOT DANCE MONSTER AND OFC THE CUTE GOD OF DESTRUCTION (well he's funny) #RM

    Jin- ofc he is world wide handsome. But some say he's not...well idc about some (f***ers)...He has one of the best vocals in the world...the high bitch tho damn. He is perfect too...and seriously you gotta see him praising himself as he's a wwh....such a confidence that I got only and only from him that you are beautiful...say to urself. He is a mom material(jk says so��) and a good cook ofc...what else do you need to survive?
    He raised jungkook idiots...he treated his friend like family.
    He was worried that if armies shout his name in a high pitch then they might lose thier voice so he told them to do in a low pitch voice you know???he is so caring ������ #jin

    Suga- (NO Words) He is .....the....um ...best???
    Ppl say without seeing him rap so hard and just like that they say he doesn't rap that much????? Wtf ???
    He dances so well even when he tore his muscle In his shoulder. Is it like he is lazy??? He doesn't talk to much..so gentle. He produces songs...without any guide. Is it possible for you too??
    He has gummy smile and cute nmw. And he lives all the members so stop accusing he is like he doent care for anyone and just being savage making himself proud. He is the Agust D. Daechwita. #Suga

    J-Hope- it's hard to figure out that if he has bones are what in his body. He does things so dangerously as it looks...but is godamn flexible. He dances so well...and you say that he is just ugly without even recognising his talent?( You are the dumbest person present in this world if you say this to me.)
    And he is the one who makes us all so happy and laugh hard. He smiles too cute and his Expression just kills everyone.
    But yet you say he is over reacting? GO TO HELL

    Jimin- He is the angel ofc. Dont call him a girl.. he is the most caring one. His personality is just so caring g and hes not always acting in front of the cam. Well we know hes some time naughty too ��...idk why promise is not officially released...but it has feelings dude...one can cry listening to it so happily...he cares for armies.too much. He loves his hyungs and the voice he has is unbearable...it just kills me off he sings like a baby.
    He dances too much...and yet you all call him fat ??? So rubbish. Well he got jams. Rm confessed. #Jimin

    V - ik everyone loves him too much no matter what. Hes just so cute and smiles wide. Well they call him weird..maybe ...but I don't feel he is. He has the low growl voice and a soft one too...acts too well ( he deserves to act dude...hwarang last seen tho...lit lit lit)
    I dont have to describe him much coz ya'll love him too much that some even keep them in profile.�� #V

    Jungkook- and finally just like last but not the least the golden maknae...he was just 15 when he debuted �� ....isn't it crazy??
    He has a good vocal and dances well...no hatred for him too that much coz they love him. He loves rm and the team...well atleast dont call him oppa since he doesn't like it. He has a bunny smile but not a bunny...six packed dude??? #Jungkook

    *Apologies to those wonderful armies. These pl deserve more. And I just wanna tell some unknowns too that they have to treat them equal. Just because they are famous now..it doesn't mean they haven't struggled...so dont have that thought in your mind. Love ya'll.*

    #Bts #Bangtan #Army

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