• naruse_saruhe 6w

    A Fairy Tail

    My grandma used to tell stories,
    From her very time its begins,
    Once own youth filled with wondrous bliss,
    A time where land bare nature's tree.

    As children's play in the meadow,
    And those chirping sing along,
    Stags in mountain, along herds,
    Rivers, where fishes race the flow.

    Above, where the clouds show clean blue skies,
    As eagles soar, with full of pride,
    As oceans marine swam freely,
    And whales would sung rich of glory.

    Yet as time flies, a child grew old,
    Took a glimpse, a truth so bitter,
    Blink of an eye, like break of dawn,
    Disaster that could've ever known.

    Tales of past, stories believed once,
    A fairy tale, never been true,
    Child's hopes and dreams, it once had bask,
    Broken to the truth, what now feels.

    As the singing birds grew silent,
    Rich glory now sung by no whales,
    Stags are killed, and so are its herds,
    As eagles gone, they flew no sky

    Darkened clouds brought full of sorrow,
    Fishes taken by such gluttony,
    People's sloth, worsened as time goes,
    The nature's health, now lies sickly.

    With this wrath, now lad's to suffer,
    Seeing greed and envy from them,
    Child's query of its brood's word
    "Is this how we live? Is this life?"

    This once child, now he grew so old,
    Cried and mourned, foe death done by lust,
    Took no pride of its blood, it's birth,
    Now what tale the lad'll tell
    To its child about its past?