• niruta_sharma_33 9w

    Eudaimonia of love!

    Remember?That was a gloomy evening,
    When we first met.
    But you glorified that day
    As we talked and talked throughout the date.
    You came to my life as a silent breeze,
    I couldn't see your love but felt it everywhere.
    Your presence was all what i needed,
    Forgetting about strangers to each other.,
    We couldn't take our eyes off one another.
    You were the guarantor,that we would remain together forever.
    I started to write our love story,
    Hope you will add colours to my life.
    There were times when we went through dillema,
    And we were about to break,
    But fate never let it happen.
    As there was no hate.
    No matter when the destiny will take us,
    Loving you will remain my priority forever.
    Rraltionship breaks,the leaves of trust fall,
    But hope ours remains unchanged,

    ~Niruta and ~Lakhipriya