• atpugaysit 6w

    Long Lost Search

    The ships have sunk; a notion;
    In that eternal of cosmic ocean.
    Those who could flee,
    Further did they fled to thee.
    Some flew high above the sky,
    Struck by lightning are but those who fly;
    And the lands of dry were just as far as I.
    The lights had died,
    The dark of storm lied.
    The light had peeked for me to find-
    When they folded me a black of blind.
    Salty of sea and breathlessness of me
    And a huge wave by, rising; gushing to see-
    An inch of light,
    A shine, a ray of bright,
    Shining against that night-
    All those asleep with fright.
    The wind had stormed and tossed
    Torn apart, tattered,
    But cleansed and washed.
    The harbour and the compass were lost,
    The waters of warmth were but frost,
    The night was warm and closed for the day
    The paths in waters washed not the way.
    Those unseen lines, an unforgettable paper-
    The mighty seas and the mystery of later
    Prayers and harmonies of times to get better,
    The surge of lament
    And the purge of firmament,
    One small knock,
    One little rock,
    And seas sway by.
    Time doth fly,
    And surge swells by.
    There's the celestial grail,
    Such might, yet so frail.
    One small sip,
    Touch the brim to the lip,
    The heavens will turn grey
    And the devils will pray,
    The Alchemists praise
    All those questions raised,
    And now reality
    Calm like the sea.
    Yes, the oceans so tame,
    Dare not think it lame,
    Be as silent, as strong; and watchful,
    The guardian of all that's beautiful.