• emirmusty 10w


    For days, Weeks, Months, I thought poetry left me!

    I couldn’t think, I couldn’t write, couldn’t look me in the eye!

    For months I thought I was a wrecking ball!
    I shoved those away, who wanted to be there.

    I feared I’ll damage them beyond repair.
    I feared they aren’t strong enough to withstand!
    So, I pushed, pushed, and pushed to the point of no return.

    So, as I stand here today, fighting all the battles and still trying to make the best of everyday.
    I understand, they were never the ones that needed saving, I did, from my dark and twisted self!

    And I realized poetry never left me! It was always there within, burning like a candle that will not give in!

    The warmth of the fire blazing within the corner of my heart, always cocooned me when it’s dark and cold!

    Poetry never left me, it was always there within.
    I stopped looking for it, thinking that was the end!