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    @sampriti2312 @jignaa
    Dekho didu mene kya likh diya
    Its my point of view...I may be wrong

    और जब हम किसी को यह कहते हैं कि हम उससे प्यार करते हैं तो Actually हम उस time भी अपनी ही खुशी चुन रहे होते हैं...

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    Finally I realised......
    I don't know the answer
    When someone ask
    what is love????
    because for me
    it's just a part of feelings
    that makes us feel connected....
    With a particular person
    This feeling may be permanent
    Nd may be temporary
    With times it can be faded
    And... May be not
    No explainations
    No logics
    No definitions
    I truly love to read nd write love
    To see love in bollywood movies
    To being lost in love while listening
    Ultimately we feel that we love only those...without whom we cant imagine our life...our loved ones.
    And the most important
    We love only ourselves. .. Bcoz everytime when we have to choose.....we choose only our happiness......