• myga_monic 9w

    Anna Karenina

    Her floating charm attracted many
    But her reserved poise rather hide
    Her intense thirst to be consumed in love
    Till she herself bend before a blue eyed man
    Too intense, too ecstatic, too wild
    Enough to quench her adventurous thirst
    It all started in the train, ends in the same
    But started with pride, beauty, wealth and elegance
    Ends with shame, guilt, treachery and sin
    She said, " my husband is a saint"
    But what love has to offer is beyond a saint's hand
    The mistake isn't hers, isn't his or anyone's
    But in the traps of love and turns of lust
    Where sanity bids goodbye
    She had warnings, so do us
    But love's warning was quicker with a baby girl
    Where she was literally running towards the end
    The plot was rolling all over to end her smile
    It's all tears, tears, tears
    Guilt that choked her every finest breath
    Guilt that consumed herself
    Guilt that made her realize
    Love has its unattainable intensity
    Promising ecstacy, betraying by its absence
    And one who runs for it, grabs it, unsatisfied
    Anna, though dead, lays gracefully broken