• starness 6w


    She was rejected,
    Accepted and then neglected,
    'She was wrong by proving her worth,'
    Was what they thought,
    'A female is worthless,'
    The thoughts their minds harboured.

    She was tagged a whore,
    For being independent,
    She was criticised a lot,
    For being dependent,
    She fought for her freedom,
    And got it at her detriment.

    She worked hard to be successful,
    Those who scorned her would regret it,
    By herself, she put her daily food on the table,
    She lived her life as she pleased,
    She let them know a female was able,
    She strove to get what she needed.

    Graceful Abigail,
    A beautiful and virtuous woman,
    Faithful everywhere,
    The one a man would wish to have,
    You're a blessing to the gender,
    Thanks for making us proud.