• lifeofanai 24w

    The tape 1
    Side A

    My dear life,

    So this is something i wanted to do for a long time..
    Before i tell you what this is.. I have a question for you..
    Did you ever attempt to sucide..?

    If your answer is yes..
    You know that is fu**ing hard decision to make..
    If your answer is no..
    Hang on..
    Hopefully end of this you gonna be impressed .

    Life as a teenager in 20th century and in a 3rd world country is a preety shit place to live.
    Yeah i know you can say there are more shit places in world than that and more shitty situations in life we have to go through than that.
    But beleive me in this story it is a shit palce to live..

    Far as i know, every single second there is someone gonna sucide becuse of shitty situations they are going through..
    So what is the main reason for sucide.
    My answer is mental health.
    Every human being out there living their normal life have a problem that stressing them out every night..
    Becuse as for my mother "if there is no problems in life.. it dosen't call living'

    Did you ever tried to recall your first memory..
    The first one you ever captured in your mind and it is still there..

    I have a memory like that..

    With me and my little teady bear..
    It is a memory with a full vibrant and colourful feelings...
    That helps me to go through most of the difficult times in my life..

    So what is the connection between sucide and your first memory..
    Becuse if you ever survive a sucide attempt beleive me it gonna feel like the first moment you ever open your eyes.
    Yeah i have gone through that..
    and it felt like i just reborn..
    And someone secretly give you a second chance to live..

    It is been 10 months now and it feels deferent.
    Every day i want to live more..
    Feel more..
    And make more connections with other people...

    Just let you want to know..
    If your reading this part..
    Damn man your so fucking lucky to be alive..
    To feel..
    To see..
    To hear..
    To taste..
    Life is some thing we cannot give up..
    Becuse there is some one that commited for us.
    You have everything you ever wanted..
    Just feel everything around you..
    Give love and make a smile..
    Just one smile..

    It is gonna lit your up for your whole day..